Upgrading to reliable and flexible business Phone Systems

make the move to cloud with Dotel - The #1 Wildix Partner in Western Canada

Hybrid Plans

Switching to Wildix with Dotel’s support ensures a smooth transition with no operational downtime. Embrace the future of communication today.

Upgrade to Cloud Business Phone Systems - Simple and Effective:

Transitioning from legacy systems like NEC, Avaya, and Toshiba to cloud-based solutions can be daunting. However, with Dotel’s expert support, you can switch to Wildix business phone systems without disrupting your operations. Our services cater to businesses across British Columbia, ensuring a smooth and efficient transition.

Work with an expert to plan your transition - Custom systems made easy

Assess Your Current System: Identify existing components and plan what to keep or retire.

Set Objectives: Define what you want to achieve, such as cost reduction or better data management.

Develop a Strategy: Outline the transition steps to minimize operational impact.

make the move to cloud with Dotel - The #1 Wildix Partner in Western Canada

Modern cloud-based systems like Wildix offer scalability, efficiency, and improved data security. Transitioning enhances operational agility and keeps you competitive in BC’s dynamic market. Dotel offers a variety of cloud solutions with no up front cost and affordable plans, paid monthly.

Dotel Support - Transition from Avaya, Toshiba, NEC and other Legacy Systems

Legacy System Management: Our team decommissions your NEC, Avaya, and Toshiba systems during the transition.

Custom Plans: Tailored transition strategies ensure minimal disruption.

Ongoing Support: We provide training and continuous support throughout the transition.

Executing the Transition - Moving away from Premise Based Systems

Step-by-Step Implementation: Phased approach to ensure seamless transition.

Regular Updates: Continuous communication to align with your goals.

Handover: Expert handling of data and system integration.

Benefits for BC Businesses

Reliable Connectivity: Ensure consistent communication across all locations.

Enhanced Security: Protect sensitive data with advanced encryption.

Cost-Effective International Dialing: Expand globally with favorable dialing agreements.

Improved Efficiency: Streamline operations with modern, user-friendly systems.

Geolocation Capabilities: Enhance team efficiency and responsiveness.


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