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Business Telephone Services Communications NEC

Ideal for startups looking for simple and reliable communication.

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Enhanced features for growing businesses and organizations.

Comprehensive communication solutions for large enterprises

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Dotel's ON-SITE System Overview

Explore top-tier devices and desk phones tailored for business excellence with Dotel and NEC.

Single Point Configuration & Management
multi-Line SIP client, multi-carrier support.
Seemless Communication & Updates
DoTel & NEC
Comprehensive suite
Unified Communications and Contact Center solutions
Connect in Rural & Remote Areas
Stay informed with instant project progress reports.​
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Join businesses in Northern BC who rely on Dotel for their communication needs. Elevate your projects with Dotel’s tailored solutions. A Proud partner of the Ascentech Group.

Devices & accessories :



Business Telephony Services Communications NEC

Digital Phone


IP Phone


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Customizing your Business Phone Bundle:

DoTel can make unique licensing bundles designed around your organisation’s communication needs at no additional cost. Once our team understands your perfect scenario, we will work to build a new bundle just for you. If you already know what you need for your team, please describe it in your message so we can bring it to fruition.

Reliable Service

High Quality Calls

Flexible Applications

NEC SL2100 Phone System: Designed and Engineered For Small Business

For Businesses seeking Efficiency & Flexibility

It offers VoIP capabilities, making Unified Communications accessible for small businesses. It can also be used as a resilient TDM solution with upgrade options for the future. Compared to hosted solutions, it provides cost savings and additional functionality. The SL2100 strengthens your team, leading to a positive customer experience and increased business.

Features & Benefits of the SL2100


SL2100 Series Phones

Business Telephone Services Communications SL2100 Digital
DT430 & DT830
NEC Telephone Services
DT430 & 830 DESI-less
NEC Telephone Business Services
SMB Wireless (ML440)
Cloud business solutions telecommunications

Learn More About Tailored Support for The Cloud Suite.

Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to your success. From initial consultation to ongoing management, we’re here to provide personalized support tailored to your business’s unique needs and challenges.

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Our approach begins with understanding your specific requirements, followed by developing a custom implementation plan that ensures a seamless transition with minimal disruption to your daily operations.

Empowering your team is key to maximizing the benefits of your Cloud Suite package. We provide comprehensive training sessions and a wealth of resources, including user guides, FAQs, and tutorial videos, to help your team harness the full potential of your new communication system.

Our support extends beyond the initial setup. We offer continuous system monitoring, regular updates, and proactive optimizations to ensure your communication solution evolves alongside your business, maintaining peak performance at all times.