Where to Buy UNIVERGE BLUE CONNECT for 2023

NEC released their UNIVERGE BLUE CONNECT product line in mid 2020 and it has taken the cloud telephony industry by storm, especially the core on-premise PBX users that were more skeptical of “the cloud”.

Reasons for this growth focus around the rapid development of the features traditional PBX users have grown to love such as:

To navigate the concern regarding the cloud for some users, NEC has ensured that the backbone of their services alongside Intermedia are as reliable as possible, with a 99.999% certified uptime, which translates to roughly 8 hours and 45 minutes a year at most regarding downtime.

You can’t purchase UNIVERGE BLUE CONNECT direct from NEC

NEC don’t sell directly to end users. Navigating to the NEC America or UNIVERGE BLUE CONNECT websites will only yield demonstrations or connections to dealers. You can only buy UNIVERGE BLUE CONNECT from an NEC dealer.

For a company to sell CONNECT products and services, they have to qualify as a partner, go through training, and pass certification tests. NEC prefer to use local dealerships to sell and service their product lines, which provides a wide network of labour resources, marketing, and a local touch to service and troubleshooting.

How to Find a Local Dealer

If you have come this far, you have done a great job, as you have already found one – us! Based in Prince George, we serve all of western Canada for UNIVERGE BLUE CONNECT and have a network of technicians throughout the region. 

Learn more about our story here:

If you would like to find NECs network of approved dealers, you can get in touch with them directly and NEC will connect you with your nearest geographical dealer.

Things to Consider

Be sure to do your homework before signing up to cloud-based phone services. Things you should know and check includes:

Getting Support

Support across dealerships will vary. Some companies provide on-site support and setup, others will ship you desk phones and send links with setup instructions for both the phones and apps. It’s important to see what the dealer you are talking to provides as part of the service.

For ourselves, as an example, we typically recommend on-site support and we find a Do Tel approved telecom technician in your area if in a different part of the country. We also offer remote support too for a lower setup fee. Other dealerships may only do one or the other, so be sure to note that prior to accepting a quote.

What to Expect

As we mentioned, the UNIVERGE BLUE CONNECT lineup offers cloud but with the functionality of an on-premise system. So what will the experience be like for users, and what should you expect the installation to be like?

Here’s a video demonstrating the functionality of the system:

Installation Timeline

As for installation, this is a typical chart displaying what the process looks like for setup and installation from ordering:

Acquiring Hardware
Setup Consult
Number Porting

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